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PostSubject: RULES - READ ME!   Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:54 pm

General Global Rules

* No Spamming
* No Flaming
* No Bumping
* No Advertising - Posting or PM's, it's not allowed
* Keep the foul language to a minimum. We have many young kids and people on the site that find it offensive so please be considerate.
* Give Proper Credit - If you have to post someone else's work, please give them proper credit (Name and site)
* Do not rip our material - If you want to use one of our tutorials, resources, etc., please contact the author and be sure to put his/her name as well as our site if you post it elsewhere.
* Clean sig space - Please keep your sig space to 2 sigs and 3 userbars.
* Please post in the correct forum - If you request a sig, be sure to post in the request section.
* Do not type in ALL CAPS or EvERy OtHeR caps.
* No racism or hate comments
* Do NOT post messages saying you are leaving the site. If you are going to leave, just leave. If you think people are going to miss you, contact them on an instant messenger.

General Politeness

* Use the THANKS button -If you like what someone has posted, please use the thanks button as a token of gratification.
* Help out - When helping people, please give C&C. We accept artists of all levels so please use constructive criticism so we do not discourage any artists, especially beginners. When stating what is wrong, please state a solution.
* Use our SEARCH feature - People tend to not like to repeat themselves so please search before asking for help.
* Respect - Please give the utmost respect to all members, especially our Staff. Infractions will be given out to those who don't respect members and staff.
* Keep it private - If you don't like someone or what someone did, please use the PM system.

Request Rules

* Not all requests will be filled, so be patient, thankful and respectful of our artists.
* If you don't like the fulfilled request outcome, please keep it to yourself. If you want something changed, ask nicely.
* When requesting, please use this format:
o Type of GFX: Signature, Buttons, Banner, etc.
o Text On Image: Let them know what you would like to be said on your request and the type of font
o Image to be used: Supply links to a render(s) and/or stock(s)
o Size(in pixels): Must provide dimensions
o Animation: Yes or No
o Color Scheme: If applicable
o Style: Grunge, Abstract, Tech, Vector, etc.
* Lastly, be sure to use the thanks button when your request is fulfilled.

Premium Rules and FAQ


* Our Premium posts are not to be shown to public users - Our premium is there for a reason, if you leak it your subject to a banning and we WILL NOT refund your money.
* NO WAREZ IN PUBLIC - any form of illegal program in public will earn you a ban.

Warning: If caught using a hacked paypal account, your IP, email, and any other information will be turned over to authorities. Your IP and account will be banned from our server as well.

Q - What is a Premium Member?
A - Someone that has donated to the site.

Q - How do I become a premium member?
A - At this time, you can get to it through your USER CP, on the left hand side near the bottom, there is a option for PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS, click it. Or, click HERE

Q - Why should I become a premium member?
A - There are many reasons. One, you are helping us maintain the site, get upgrades when needed, and hopefully we can start giving out cash prizes when we have everything paid for and money left over so you would have a chance to win your money back. We also give extra help for those that have contributed to helping the site out so if you are in need of more help, purchase premium and you will get an extra section on the site that we pay more attention to to help people.

Q - What is in the premium forums?
A - We have many people helping out in the premium forums. A few of the things we have in there right now are more tutorials (top notch), extra resources (more C4D's!!), free resources that you would have to pay elsewhere for, extra help and request forums, and more.

Q - Are there any other advantages?
A - Yes, of course. We have set up a section for requests. Sometimes requests are overlooked in the public forums or the request has been fulfilled in the premium section and we feel that only premium members should have the access to it. Once premium, you are looked at as a higher ranking official as well as the staff will try to help you with any problems you may need assistance with

Another advantage is another secret forum, Projects. There we explain what we have planned for the site and we ask for premium members input. We try to make the site for the members and we feel that the members that help the site out the most should have a vote in what we do.

Q - How fast is my account upgraded to premium?
A - There are 2 answers depending on the situation. If you have a balance in your Paypal account, you are automatically upgraded instantly.

If you do not have a balance on the account, the money will be taken from your CC or bank account; when that happens, the money is sent as an "e-check" and it takes 3-6 business days to clear; once cleared, your account will be upgraded.

Q - What if I purchase premium and my account in not upgraded?
A - If this happens, please contact AzzidReign via PM.

Q - Do you offer refunds?
A - No! Once you buy, there will be absolutely no refunds since you can get everything you want after ONE day and then want your refund. No refunds!

If caught stealing from the section and posting at other sites, especially without giving credit, you will be demoted and your money will not be returned. So by donating, you are agreeing that if you act out, you will be demoted and not refunded.

If banned from the site while still premium, you will not receive an extension or refund on the account.

All evidence will be upheld if need be for any disputes. If you use a fake Paypal source, any information needed by authorities will be given.

Have other questions that are not answered here? PM AzzidReign.

Tutorial of the Month

General Guidelines

* No rallying whatsoever is allowed either internally at LayeredGFX.com or externally. Any evidence proving this will result in disqualification.
* Any complaints/questions should be forwarded via Private Message to the LayeredGFX.com Administrators.
* If a tutorial wins, the tutorial is not eligible to enter the Tutorial of the Month contest for another 12 months.
* All nominated tutorials must use our tutorial layout HERE.
* The LayeredGFX staff shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate TOTM Rules and Guidelines. If you have any complaints please refer to our second bullet.

Nomination Guidelines

* An author may receive up to TWO nominations. If there is more than 2, those will be void.
* Do not nominate a tutorial that the poster did not make.
* Primary Nominations can only be made once. Each member is entitled to one primary nomination but not one that has already been posted.
* Nominations must be seconded by at least another member.
* Every member may second up to a maximum of 3 nominated tutorials. All 3 seconds should be made in a single post. NOTE: Only the first post with a second nomination will count.
* In the nomination thread, one may only nominate or second an already nominated tutorial. Any other posts involving anything else will be deleted.
* Nominations will be voided if it is not seconded.
* When nominating please post:
o The result of the tutorial:
o The URL to the tutorial:
o A short description of what makes the tutorial stand out compared to the rest:
o and a reason for nomination that will motivate others to second the nomination.
* If the nominated tutorial is not available at the time of creation of the poll the next nominee in line will be selected to take its place.
* Tutorials that are in an active voting thread may NOT be nominated in the new Nomination thread.

Poll Voting Guidelines

* The 5 tutorials that have the most seconded nominations will be placed in the poll in alphabetical order.
* The thread containing the poll will be closed to any replies to prevent influence.
* Voting is up to the voters; no one can force or rally a vote, please visit all nominated and vote for the best tutorial, not the tutorial that you are most familiar with the creator. Please check our second bullet of the Global Rules section above.

Tutorial Posting Guidelines

* Be sure to pick a good title, good title's can really help you get more views to your tutorial.
* Be sure to fill in the tags field. Use good keywords that would help people find your tutorial. Good keywords could be the techniques you used (pen tool, filters, etc), maybe the render name you used (Halo, c4d, Ludacris, etc), and put what its for (signature, c4d, web design, etc). Please refrain from using words like "good", "best", "awesome", etc.
* Description (2-5 sentence description of the tutorials in italics. This will help users find your tutorial again if it gets buried.)
* Result:

(Showing your end result of what you are doing. People don't want to scroll to the bottom of your tutorial just to see the result.)
* Requirements: (List all requirements that need to be downloaded here; such as brushes, patterns, stocks, renders, etc.)
* Tutorial - Be sure to describe each step as best as possible, in chronological order:
Step 1:

Step 2:

* Please use images/screen shots to reference what you are trying to get across to the person reading the tutorial.

These rules are subject to change.
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